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Blocked Drains

In the event that your drains are blocked due to too much clogging up, the best solution is to call in a plumber who will come and get your drains sorted out. Blocked drains are a danger and a hazard due to the fact that they can build up pressure leading to messy results and they can also be a danger to health when the exposure is left without unblocking for any extended duration. Plumbing services for blocked drains are possible so no matter what time of day or night you begin to notice that there is something wrong with your drains, call us and we'll get the problem fixed.

Boiler Repair

A boiler that is burst or broken can be dangerous when ignored and being repaired within a short while and all the gaping holes patched up in order to ensure your kitchen is in the right working condition. The repairs are all thorough in terms of their nature in that every corner or section of the boiler is carefully examined and inspected for early signs of damage. Repairs are not lengthy in their nature but deep in the effectiveness that is demonstrated whenever they are getting carried out.

Leaking Tap

A leaking tap is very dangerous as it tends to flood a single area and the havoc brought cannot simply be accepted. Anywhere there is a leaking tap, there is always a muddy patch somewhere around it and getting the issue fixed leaves things sparkling and secure. Any signs of a leaking tap in your home should be accompanied by a call so we can have the tap fixed by one of our experts as soon as is possible.

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Blocked Drainage

Boiler Repair

Broken Tap

Blocked Toilet

Broken Pipe

A broken pipe in your home can prevent you from gaining access to water sources and the breakage is easy to repair as long as it has been done correctly by skilled technicians. If you have a broken pipe within your drainage system, we will straighten things out and leave you with a less shaky system.

Bathroom Installations

Installing your bathroom is yet simpler with all fixtures getting correctly placed in the right positions and leaves your home feeling and smelling fresh. It also create's a peaceful atmosphere devoid of any disturbances and you get to have fun in a serene environment away from intrusions. The installation process is convenient and won't take up much time, and it leaves your home looking, feeling and appearing much better.

Washing Machine Installations

A washing machine is an important component for any home as it eases the burden of cleaning clothes every now and then and as experts, we will readily make ourselves available to come and install the washing machine. This makes it a part of your usual routines and it is also a reason most of our customers value our services. Cleaning chores are made simpler and with a washing machine at your disposal, things become much easier and less frustrating especially when you have a whole bunch to be taken care of over the weekend.